What Others Are Saying About Myron L Meters

Posted by 16 Feb, 2011


-I have been using your handheld conductivity meters forever, and they are the benchmark.

J. Engel, Wastewater Treatment Technician

-We are getting constant replies from our customers about the Ultrameter II’s very accurate measurements and water resistance.

T. Abaci, Water Analysis Professional

-I was so impressed with the Ultrameter II and its ability to hold a calibration.

K. Alfredo, Environmental Water Resource Engineer

-The Agri-Meter is a good product, not overpriced, works great and is dependable, too.

D. Atkins, Landscape Professional

-We have started replacing our NEO-STAT+ conductivity meters with Myron L D-1 meters in our dialysis centers.

R. Kaune, Biomedical Engineer

-You guys make a great product and I can’t live without it.

J. Dusek, Professional Greenhouse Grower

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