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Posted by 15 Apr, 2014

Water Quality Parameters

Measuring Key Water Quality Parameters

The right meter is essential for measuring any of several key water quality parameters:

Conductivity is the ability of water to conduct an electrical current and is an indirect measure of the conductive ionic mineral concentration. The more conductive ions that are present, the more electricity can be conducted by the water. This measurement is expressed in microsiemens per centimeter (µS/cm) at 25º Celsius. Myron L Meters carries a complete line of conductivity meters, including the Ultrameter II 4P.

Resistivity is the inverse of conductivity. Electrical conductivity is a measure of water’s resistance to an electric current. Water itself has a weak electrical conductivity. Electric current is transported in water by dissolved ions, making conductivity measurement a quick and reliable way to monitor the total amount of ionic contaminants in water. Myron L Meters carries a complete line of resistivity meters, including inline monitor/controllers like the 753II Resistivity Digital Monitor/Controller. Read more about Measuring Key Water Quality Parameters

The Ultrameter III 9P is the most comprehensive water meter on the market, measuring 9 parameters with a single instrument: Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, Alkalinity, Hardness, Langelier Saturation Index,
ORP/Free Chlorine, pH, Temperature. Three parameters – LSI, hardness, and alkalinity require titration. Find out more about the Ultrameter III 9P

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