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Posted by 4 Apr, 2014
how to maintain and clean free chlorine sensor for the ultrapen pt4

how to maintain and clean free chlorine sensor for the ultrapen pt4

Ultrapen PT4 Free Chlorine Pen

I. Routine Maintenance
1. ALWAYS rinse the FCE sensor with clean water after each use.
2. ALWAYS replace the soaker cap half filled with Sensor Storage Solution to prevent the
sensor from drying out after each use.
3. Do not drop, throw, or otherwise strike the PT4. This voids the warranty.
4. Do not store the PT4 in a location where the ambient temperatures exceed its specified Operating/Storage Temperature limits.

II. Battery Replacement The PT4 display has a battery indicator that depicts the life
remaining in the battery. When the indicator icon is at 3 bars, the battery is full. When the indicator icon falls to 1 bar, replace the battery with an N type battery.







1. In a clean/dry environment, unscrew the pen cap in a counter-clockwise motion.
2. Slide the cap and battery housing out of the PT4.
3. Remove the depleted battery out of its housing.
4. Insert a new battery into the battery housing oriented with the negative end touching the spring.
5. Align the groove along the battery housing with the guide bump inside the PT4
case and slide the battery housing back in.
6. Screw the PT4 cap back on in a clockwise direction. Do not over tighten.

III. Sensor Cleaning (additional sensor cleaning methods at www.myronl.com) Cleaning the sensor: The Myron L Company recommends cleaning your sensor every two weeks, however this depends on application and frequency of use. Indications of a dirty sensor are slower and/or erroneous readings.
There are three critical components in your PT4 sensor; a very sensitive glass pH sensor bulb, a platinum ORP electrode, and a temperature sensor encapsulated in a small glass noid. Use extreme caution when cleaning your PT4 sensor.
To clean your sensor, select one of the following methods:
• Basic Cleaning: Using a solution made of dish soap mixed with water and a cotton swab, gently clean the inside of the sensor body and platinum electrode, rinse thoroughly with clean water, then recondition the sensor.
• Cleaning the pH Sensor Bulb: If the sensor becomes dirty, clean the sensor surface with an isopropyl soaked cotton swab. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
• Deep cleaning the platinum ORP electrode: Using the ORP electrode cleaning paper and water, gently clean the platinum electrode, rinse thoroughly then recondition the sensor.
To recondition the sensor: Rinse the sensor thoroughly with clean water, then allow it to soak in Storage Solution for a minimum of 1 hour (for best results allow the sensor to soak in Storage Solution overnight).

IV. FCE Sensor Replacement
CAUTION: Only Remove/Replace the FCE sensor in a CLEAN and DRY
To remove the FCE sensor: Remove the soaker cap; make sure the PT4 (including the FCE sensor) is clean and dry.
Loosen the battery tray (to allow pressure equalization).
Then firmly grasp the FCE sensor body and slowly pull the FCE sensor out.
To install a new FCE sensor: Line up the alignment tabs on the FCE sensor with the alignment slots on the PT4 unit. Gently push the FCE sensor into position, then close the battery cap.

You will need: RPT4  Replacement FCE Sensor (with instructions)

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