TDS Calibration on the Ultrameter II 6PIIFCe:

Posted by 23 Mar, 2014


*Note: This procedure applies to the Ultrameter, PoolPro, TechPro, and D-6 Dialysate meter.

a. Fill and rinse the conductivity cell three times with a 442 standard solution. In this example, we’re using 442-3000.

b. Refill conductivity cell with same standard solution you rinsed with.

c. Press







then press


.CAL key





The “CAL” icon will appear in the top center of the display. In this example, the reading shows 2988.

d. Press














to step the displayed value toward the standard’s value.

In this example, we’re pressing








to go down from 2988 to 3000. You can also hold a key down to scroll rapidly.

e. Press


CAL key






once to confirm the new value and end the calibration.

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