‘Revolutionary’ water treatment units on their way to Afghanistan

Posted by 22 Apr, 2011

The United States Army has taken delivery of the first two units of a “revolutionary” waste-water treatment system that will clean putrid water within 24 hours and leave no toxic by-products, according to scientists at Sam Houston State University.

“The system is based on a proprietary consortium of bacteria– you can find them in a common handful of dirt,” said lead scientist Sabin Holland.

“In the right combination and in the right medium, they have the capability to clean with a very high efficiency very quickly. It truly is a revolutionary solution.”

Holland said the physical systems themselves– called “bio-reactors”– use little energy, are transportable, scalable, simple to set-up, simple to operate, come on-line in record time and can be monitored remotely.

The first two units, about the size of standard shipping containers, will be deployed by the Army to Afghanistan.

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