Replacing the Ultrapen PT2 pH Tester Battery:

Posted by 3 Apr, 2014

I. Battery Replacement
The PT2 display has a battery charge indicator that depicts the life left in the battery. When the indicator icon is at 3 bars, the battery is full. When the indicator icon falls to 1 bar, replace the battery with an N type battery.








1. In a CLEAN DRY environment unscrew the pen cap in a counter-clockwise motion.
2. Slide the cap and battery housing out of the pen.
3. Remove the depleted battery out of its housing.
4. Insert a new battery into the battery housing oriented with the negative end touching the spring.
5. Align the groove along the battery housing with the guide bump inside the pen case and slide the battery housing back in.
6. Screw the pen cap back on in a clockwise direction. Do not overtighten. is the premier internet retailer of the Ultrapen PT2 and other reliable Myron L meters. Save 10% on Myron L meters when you order online HERE.

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