Recommended Ultrameter Solutions and Accessories:

Posted by 1 Mar, 2014

A.           Conductivity/TDS Standard Solutions

Your Ultrameter II has been factory calibrated with the appropriate Myron L NIST traceable KCl, NaCl, and our own 442™ standard solutions. Most Myron L conductivity standard solution bottles show three values referenced at 25°C: Conductivity in microsiemens/ micromhos, the ppm/TDS equivalents (based on our 442 Natural Water™) and NaCl standards. All standards are within ±1.0% of reference solutions.

1.            Potassium Chloride (KCl)

The concentrations of these reference solutions are calculated from data in the International Critical Tables, Vol. 6. The 7000 µS is the recommended standard. Order KCL-7000 here:

2.            442 Natural Water™

442 Natural Water Standard Solutions are based on the following salt proportions: 40% sodium sulfate, 40% sodium bicarbonate, and 20% sodium chloride, which represent the three predominant components (anions) in freshwater. This salt ratio has conductivity characteristics approximating fresh natural waters and was developed by Myron L over four decades ago. It is used around the world for measuring both conductivity and TDS in drinking water, ground water, lakes, streams, etc. 3000 ppm is the recommended standard. Order 442-3000 here:

Order 442-3000

3. Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

This is especially useful in sea water mix applications, as sodium chloride is the major salt component. Most Myron L standard solution labels show the ppm NaCl equivalent to the conductivity and to ppm 442 values. The 14.0 mS is the recommended standard. Order NACL-14.0 here:

B.           pH Buffer Solutions (6PFCE)

pH buffers are available in pH values of 4, 7 and 10. Myron L buffer solutions are traceable to NIST certified pH references and are color-coded for instant identification. They are also mold inhibited and accurate to within ±0.01 pH units @ 25°C. Order 4, 7 or 10 Buffers here:

C.           pH Sensor Storage Solution (6PFCE)

Myron L pH Sensor Storage Solution prolongs the life of the pH sensor.

Order Ultrameter pH/ORP Sensor Storage solution here:

D.           Soft Protective Carry Cases

Padded Nylon carrying case features a belt clip for hands-free mobility. Two colors to choose from:

Blue – Model #: UCC  Desert Tan – Model #: UCCDT  Order your UCC Ultrameter carrying case here:

E.            Hard Protective Carry Cases

Large case with 2 oz. bottles of calibration standard solutions (KCl-7000, 442-3000, 4, 7, & 10 pH buffers and pH storage solution). Model #: PKUU Small case (no calibration standard solutions) – Model #: UPP

Order your PKUU Ultrameter hard carrying case here:

F.            Replacement pH/ORP Sensor (Ultrameter 6PFCE)

pH/ORP sensor is gel filled and features a unique porous liquid junction.

It is user-replaceable and comes with easy to follow instructions.

Model #: RPR  Order your Ultrameter replacement pH/ORP sensor here:

G.           bluDock™ Wireless Data Transfer Accessory Package

This accessory lets you download the Ultrameter II stored readings to a spreadsheet on a computer. The package includes a bluDock modified circuit board in the unit, software CD, installation and operating instructions, and dongle. Model #: BLUDOCK Order your Ultrameter bluDock here:

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