pH and ORP Sensors for Inline Monitor/Controllers:

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All Myron L pH and Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP sensors are combination pH/reference, or ORP/reference. These sensors are designed to operate with Myron L 720 Series II pH and ORP Monitor/controllers. Each sensor has a built-in isolated preamplifier that guarantees accurate and reliable measurements — completely eliminating ground-loops and noise issues. The preamp allows for longer distances between the sensor and our Monitor/controller without the loss of accuracy or reliability due to cable capacitance, resistance, or noise.

Our preamp is so simple and low cost that we build it right into the sensor, thus allowing for a truly sealed sensor system — no O-rings to become damaged and leak, no BNC connectors to corrode and cause unreliable readings. It is actually no more expensive than the BNC connectors and coax cable it replaces.

All pH sensors include a built-in Temperature Sensor for automatic Temperature Compensation (TC). The TC may be disabled, requirements per USP, or if a separate temperature device is required for your SCADA system.

All bodies are made of Schedule 80 Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) or Ryton®* Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) to withstand the demanding requirements of most applications. Choice of double ended 1/2” or 3/4” MNPT body allows for ease of installation in either in-line or submersion applications. All Myron L sensors are completely encapsulated and sealed to keep out moisture and to assure long life under demanding conditions. Just install and use. Overall length is ~165 mm/6.5 in. Standard cable length is 3 meters/ 10 ft. Sensors may be ordered with 8 meter/25 ft. or 30 meter/100 ft. lengths. Cable may be extended simply and without problems. We recommend a junction box to protect the splice.

For in-line use, simply install sensor into female threaded fitting or tee. For submersion use, simply install into user supplied pipe coupling and extension pipe.

• Built-in isolated preamp guarantees accurate, trouble
free operation.

• Temperature Sensor built-in for automatic Temperature
Compensation (may be disabled as required).

• All sensors are double ended MNPT for simple in-line
or submersion applications.

• All sensors are pH/reference, or ORP/ reference, or a
combination of the two.
• CPVC/Ryton® bodies assure compatibility in most

• All sensors are completely encapsulated and sealed.

• Sensor cable may be extended simply, without problems.

• All ORP sensors have an extended tip Platinum
electrode except “F” models.

• Heavy Duty “F” models may be installed in ANY
direction, including inverted.

Sensor specs







In the specific descriptions below, substitute ORP for pH where

General Purpose Single Junction
Low Cost In-line/Submersion pH and ORP Sensors.
The Single Junction “S” reference sensor is used for simple, non-demanding applications. It uses Potassium Chloride (KCI) reference gel. Response time, generally 95% in one second. For intermittent use up to 100°C/212°F @ 3,45 bar/50 psi. Twelve (12) month shelf life. This is our most economical sensor.

Special Purpose Double Junction
Low Cost In-line/Submersion pH and ORP Sensors.
The Double Junction “D” reference sensor is used in more demanding applications where “poisoning” of the reference is a possibility or a concern. It uses Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) gel where the reference meets the solution. This sensor is an ideal, cost effective alternative for demanding environmental applications not requiring the added advantages of the Heavy Duty Flat Tip sensor listed below. Response time, generally 95% in one second. When in doubt it is best to select a Double Junction sensor. Twelve (12) month shelf life. This sensor is the ideal, most cost effective Double Junction sensor on the market.

Low Conductivity

Low Cost In-line/Submersion pH and ORP Sensors.
The Low Conductivity “LC” sensor is recommended when the pH or ORP of low conductivity (low ionic strength) solutions must be measured. This sensor utilizes a porous polyethylene Double Junction with a low molar (0.1) KCI gel in the reference meeting the solution. This low molar reference more closely matches the low ionic strength of the solution, which allows more stable readings and cuts down in the contamination of the solution being measured. The LC sensor is recommended for use in RO/DI applications with solutions less than 100 µM/
µS/ppm. Twelve (12) month shelf life. This sensor is made for special, low conductivity applications.

Heavy Duty
Low Cost In-line/Submersion pH and ORP Sensors.
The Heavy Duty “F” utilizes a FLAT-TIP self cleaning sensor (flat glass in place of a round bulb) for use where the most demanding applications are found, such as wastewater. The flat tip will last longer in most abrasive and/or oily solution environments. These sensors utilize a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Double Junction reference with a high temperature
— chemical resistant acrylamide gel. Response time, generally 95% in five seconds. For continuous use 100°C/212°F @ 3,45 bar/50 psi, 81°C/178°F @ 5,86 bar/85 psi, and 76°C/169°F @ 6,9 bar/100 psi. Six (6) month shelf life. This sensor may be installed in ANY direction including INVERTED, and is simply the BEST sensor for tough applications.

Note: High flow reference junctions (HDPE, Kynar and Teflon) are available on above models upon special order. These special junctions will help keep the reference from clogging as easily — in some applications, however, they will deplete the reference gel more quickly, and thus have a shorter shelf/use life.

ALL pH and ORP sensors are life limited. For this reason, it is recommended that extra sensors be kept on hand for all process applications. To obtain the maximum life, ALWAYS store sensor in pH/ORP Sensor Storage Solution when not in use. DO NOT allow sensor to dry out.

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