New Ultrapen & Ultrameter Solution Sets: Myron L Meters

Posted by 15 Aug, 2014
Ultrameter II 6P Solution Set

Ultrameter II 6P Solution Set








Myron L Meters has made it easy to get the right Ultrapen and Ultrameter solutions – now you can order every Myron L solution you need with one click.

When you visit the Ultrameter II 6P  product page, you’ll now see the image above. When you click on the VIEW DETAILS button, you go to the Ultrameter II 6P Calibration Solution Set page, where you can order your solutions without having to research them one by one.  Every solution you need for your Ultrameter and Ultrapen is right there on the product page, so make it easy on yourself and order your solutions when you buy your Myron L meter.

It’s never been easier.


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