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Posted by 9 Aug, 2011

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“I have used Myron L meters almost exclusively for my entire tenure. Very good products. I have seen continued improvements in the products as well as their lifespan in a pretty grueling environment. For a water treater, I don’t believe that there are many that really even consider handhelds other than Myron L.” 


– Sean L. Roop, Senior Water & Process Consultant


Comprehensive Water Analysis Tool – Ultrameter III 9P

Ultrameter III 9P

Measures 9 Parameters: Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, Alkalinity, Hardness, LSI, pH, ORP/Free Chlorine, Temperature. 


Store up to 100 readings – Date & time stamp makes record-keeping easy


Wireless data transfer capability with bluDock option


Auto-ranging delivers increased resolution across diverse applications


Adjustable Temperature Compensation


(Includes instrument with case and solutions)


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Ultrameter III 9P titration kit

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