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Soon Myron L Meters will be adding a Water Industry Resources page to  The page will feature links to water industry events, water industry associations, and related technical resources.  Please look over our draft page below and  suggest anything we might be missing. Be sure to check back with us periodically for new features and changes, including our upcoming Myron L Meters Users Forum.

Myron L Meters Water Industry Resources



Manuals and MSDS


Video Channel


Application Bulletins


Users Group


Water Industry News






Water Science and Conservation


Water Conservation News – Science Daily


U.S. Department of the Interior | Bureau of Reclamation


Environmental Protection Agency


Clean Water Network


Soil and Water Conservation Society


Partnership for Water Conservation


Nature Conservancy Conservation Gateway



Water Products Suppliers


Pumps:                                  PulsafeederPumps



Storage Tanks:                       PeabodyStorageTanks



Water Industry Events
Apr 14 – Apr 18, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

23th Annual Practical Membrane / Filtration & Separations Technologies Short Course

College Station, TX
Apr 16 – Apr 18, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

New York Section 2013 Annual Conference

Saratoga Springs, NY
Apr 16 – Apr 18, 2013

Miscellaneous | Seminar


Chicago, IL
Apr 22 – Apr 24, 2013

AWWA | Seminar

SOLD OUT Financial Management Seminar, San Diego, California

San Diego, CA
Apr 23 – Apr 25, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

Pennsylvania Section 2013 Annual Conference

Hershey, PA
Apr 25 – Apr 25, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Native Landscape Design for Stormwater

Milwaukee, WI
Apr 29 – May 02, 2013

AWWA Section | Annual Meeting

Alaska Section 2013 Annual Conference

Anchorage, AK
May 01 – May 03, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

Arizona Section 2013 Annual Conference

Glendale, AZ
May 06 – May 07, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

17th Annual Water Reuse & Desalination Research Conference

Phoenix, AZ
May 06 – May 08, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

2013 ABPA Education Conference & Trade Show

Phoenix, AZ
May 06 – May 10, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

2013 West Regional Conference

Seattle, WA
May 07 – May 09, 2013

AWWA Section | Annual Meeting

Montana Section 2013 Annual Conference

Great Falls, MT
May 07 – May 07, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

SCMA SWAT Training For Operators Workshop

Granbury, TX
May 08 – May 10, 2013

AWWA Section | Annual Meeting

Hawaii Section 2013 Annual Conference

Honolulu, HI


May 08 – May 10, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

Pacific Northwest Section 2013 Annual Conference

Spokane, WA
May 08 – May 10, 2013

Miscellaneous | Seminar

Inspection and Assessment of Dams

Seattle, WA
May 09 – May 09, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Watershed Planning – Putting the Pieces Together

Milwaukee, WI
May 09 – May 09, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Smart Water for Smart Cities – A Workshop

Ellicot City, MD
May 09 – May 09, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

SCMA I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Membranes Workshop

Tuttle, OK
May 16 – May 17, 2013

Miscellaneous | Annual Meeting

Water and Agriculture

Palos Verdes, CA
May 19 – May 22, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

West Virginia Section 2013 Annual Conference

Daniels, WV
May 20 – May 20, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

AMTA/SEDA Joint Technology Transfer Workshop “Application of Membrane Technologies in the Chesapeake Region”

Chesapeake, VA
May 21 – May 23, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course (AUCSC 2013)

Morgantown, WV
May 22 – May 24, 2013

AWWA Section | Annual Meeting

Connecticut Section 2013 Annual Conference

Saratoga Springs, NY
May 30 – May 30, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Water Law for Sustainable Management

Milwaukee, WI
Jun 09 – Jun 13, 2013

AWWA | Annual Meeting

2013 Annual Conference & Exposition

Denver, CO
Jun 24 – Jun 25, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

2013 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference Environmental Flows

Hartford, CT
Jul 09 – Jul 10, 2013

AWWA | Speciality Conferences

NWMOA MBR Operator Training Workshop

Pendleton, OR
Aug 04 – Aug 04, 2013

Miscellaneous | Annual Meeting

Association of Clean Water Administrators

Sante Fe, NM
Sep 08 – Sep 12, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

Dam Safety 2013

Providence, RI
Sep 09 – Sep 12, 2013

AWWA Section | Annual Meeting

Virginia Section 2013 Annual Conference

Richmond, VA
Sep 10 – Sep 13, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

Michigan Section 2013 Annual Conference

Lansing, MI
Sep 11 – Sep 13, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

Intermountain Section AWWA

Sun Valley, Idaho
Sep 15 – Sep 18, 2013

Miscellaneous | Symposium

North American Membrane Society 23rd Annual Meeting

Sep 15 – Sep 18, 2013

Miscellaneous | Symposium

28th Annual WateReuse Symposium

Denver, Colorado
Sep 15 – Sep 18, 2013

AWWA | Speciality Conferences

2013 DSS/Emergency Preparedness and Security Conf.

Itasca, IL
Sep 22 – Sep 25, 2013

Miscellaneous | Annual Meeting

World Congress 2013

Las Vegas, NV
Sep 23 – Sep 25, 2013

Miscellaneous | Annual Meeting

NWMOA 1st Annual Symposium – “Getting the Best from Your Membrane Treatment Plant”

Vancouver, WA
Sep 29 – Oct 03, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

84th Annual Education and Business Conference

Kansas City, MO
Oct 01 – Oct 03, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

NRWA WaterPro Conference

Seattle, WA
Oct 02 – Oct 04, 2013

Miscellaneous | Speciality Conferences

6th WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition

Las Vegas, NV
Oct 13 – Oct 15, 2013

AWWA Section | Section Conference

Alabama-Mississippi Annual Conference

Tunica Resorts, MS
Nov 03 – Nov 07, 2013

AWWA | Speciality Conferences

2013 Water Quality Technology Conference

Long Beach, CA
Nov 04 – Nov 08, 2013

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

2013 Irrigation Show & Education Conference




Water Industry Associations


American Fisheries Society

  1. The Chlorine Institute
  2. Conservation International
  3. Environmental Assessment Association
  4. Environmental Council of the States
  5. Environmental Law Institute
  6. The Groundwater Foundation
  7. Ground Water Protection Council
  8. Institute of Professional Environmental Practice

10.Irrigation Association

11.NARUC Committee on Water

12.National Association of Conservation Districts

13.National Association of Counties

14.National Association of Environmental Professionals

15.National Association of Pipe Fabricators

16.National Association of Water Companies

17.National Council for Science and the Environment

18.National Drinking Water Clearinghouse

19.National Drought Mitigation Center

20.National Federation of Municipal Analysts

21.National Fire Protection Association

22.National Ground Water Association
National Institute for the Environment

23.National Institutes for Water Resources

24.National Rural Water Association

25.National Small Flows Clearinghouse

26.National Water Research Institute – Canada.

27.National Water Resources Association

28.Renewable Natural Resources Foundation

29.Soil and Water Conservation Society

30.State Water Resources Research Institutes

31.Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association



American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS)
The premier organization in North America dedicated to R&D, problem solutions and technology transfer in fluid-particle separation for the benefit of industrial processes, individual health and a clean environment.


American Ground Water Trust is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting efficient and effective ground water management and provides educational information about ground water issues that are important to well


American Institute of Hydrology


American Public Works Association


American Society of Irrigation Consultants


American Water Resources Association


American Water Works Association (AWWA)


Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies


Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies


Association of State Drinking Water Administrators


Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators


Association of Water Technologies


AWWA Research Foundation

California Water Operators Association (CWOA)
A professional association dedicated to helping water and wastewater operators in California thru education, public policy, wages, benefits, training.

Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA)
The CWWA encourages the study, research and development in water supply and wastewater disposal, and the publication of the results of such work, so as to provide for appropriate and dynamic technological advances in the Caribbean.

Florida Water and Pollution Control Operators Association, Region 8
One of the leading water and wastewater professional training organizations in Florida for over 5,000 professionals that work in the public, private and government utilities.

Instrument Society of America (ISA)
The international society for measurement, control, instrumentation and automation.


International Bottled Water Association is the authoritative source of information about all types of bottled waters.

Regional Bottled Water Associations:
NEBWA – Northeastern Bottled Water Association
SEBWA – Southeastern Bottled Water Association
MABWA – Mid-America Bottled Water Association
CSBWA – Central States Bottled Water Association
NWBWA – Northwestern Bottled Water Association
CBWA – Canadian Bottled Water Association

International Private Water Association (IPWA)
Promoting private sector participation in water utilities.

The Irrigation Association (IA)
Formed more than 50 years ago to improve the products and practices used to manage water resources and to help shape the worldwide business environment of the irrigation industry.

Kentucky Water & Wastewater Operators Association (KWWOA)
A not-for-profit association organized in the fall of 1958.  The KWWOA was created by a group of operators from the drinking and wastewater industry.

Maine Lagoon Systems
The mission of the Maine Lagoon Systems website is to promote clean water resources through the enhanced communication of wastewater lagoon system operators in the state of Maine and beyond.

Maine Wastewater Control Association (MWCA)
An association of over 650 members consisting of municipal and industrial operators, consultants, students, and regulatory officials. The purpose is to facilitate communication of ideas and the preservation of Maine’s waterways.

Measurement, Control and Automation Association   (MCAA)

NAWC (National Association of Water Companies)


National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is a trade association for ground water professionals including well drillers, pump installers, geologists and other scientists to promote responsible development, use and management of ground water resources.


National Institute for the Environment


National Institutes for Water Resources


National Rural Water Association
National Small Flows Clearinghouse
Helping America’s small communities meet their wastewater needs.


National Water Research Institute – Canada.


National Water Resources Association
Northeast Rural Water Association (NeRWA)
Started in 1982, a nonprofit association of water and wastewater systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Among its many services, We offer training and onsite technical assistance to operators, managers, owners and boards.

South Carolina Rural Water Association (SCRWA)
Providing free training to water and wastewater operators in South Carolina, through cooperative agreements with NRWA and USEPA. Offering vendors opportunities to network with utility companies in our state. Offering utilities assistance with water & wastewater issues from an operational to a managerial level.


Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association

Water Design-Build Council (WDBC)
The Water Design-Build Council supports the development and rehabilitation of the nation’s municipal water and wastewater systems by using the design-build project delivery method.  Our mission is to promote best practices for design-build to facilitate productive and collaborative relationships between service providers and governments.


Water Education Foundation


Water Environment Federation (WEF)
Founded in 1928, the Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization with members from varied disciplines who work toward the WEF vision of preservation and enhancement of the global water environment.


Water Environment Research Foundation


Water Environment WEB – Water Environment Federation


Water Industry Council


Water Organizations – [UWIN]


Water Quality Association (WQA)
A not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial, industrial, and small community water treatment industry. WQA maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government officials, and industry members.




Regional Water Quality Associations:
EWQA – Eastern Water Quality Association
FWQA – Florida Water Quality Association
Missouri WQA – Missouri Water Quality Association
PWQA – Pacific Water Quality Association
TWQA – Texas Water Quality Association




Water Utility Benchmarking Association


The Watershed Management Council


Industry Publications:

Water Quality Products

Water Technology

Water Conditioning and Purification

Food Processing Magazine

ALN Magazine

The Bottled Water Reporter


Journal of Hydroinformatics

Journal of Water and Health

Journal of Water and Climate Change

Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination

Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development

Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-AQUA

Hydrology Research


Water Asset Management International

Water Practice and Technology

Water Policy

Water Quality Research Journal of Canada

Water Research

Water Science and Technology

Water Science and Technology: Water Supply


Water Systems Council is a national nonprofit organization focused solely on household wells and small water well systems.

Water Utility Management International

Water Intelligence Online
Government Information Sources

EPA Safe Drinking Water Act List of Primary and Secondary Contaminants, Health Effects, and Sources:


US Water Partnership: Department of State


US Department of the Interior: Water Challenges


US Army Corps of Engineers: Water Resources Development


Water Resources of the United States


USGS Water Data for the Nation


National Water Quality Assessment Program


US Bureau of Reclamation


United States Environmental Protection Agency Water Resources


National Climatic Data Center


National Water and Climate Center


US Drought Portal


CDC Healthy Water Portal



Water Industry Training


Water Industry Whitepapers and Information



The Water and Wastewater Online Training Center is a virtual campus providing quality and targeted online training to meet the information needs of the water and wastewater treatment professional.


Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (Water and Wastewater)


EPA Small Water Systems Training & Technical Assistance Grant

NO-COST EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Training


The Office of Water Programs at the California State University, Sacramento, College of Engineering and Computer Science provides distance learning courses for persons interested in the operation and maintenance of drinking water and wastewater facilities.


Kansas Basics Course for Small Public Drinking Water Systems


WEF offers online education and webcasts here:


Water Industry Training Specialists are a California Corporation in the business of training and certifying Backflow Technicians and Cross-Connection Control Inspectors. hosts several courses from different companies in industrial wastewater, water treatment, and environmental engineering.


Plumbing Engineer
















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