Myron L Meters Thanks US Ink!

Posted by 20 Sep, 2011

US Ink Corporation has a proud heritage of serving the news ink marketplace since 1840. Our company, headed by Mike Dodd (President), was formed in 1993 through the merger of two organizations with a long history of service – U.S. Printing Ink and the News Ink Division of Sun Chemical Corporation. News Ink is US Ink’s legacy, and we’re more sharply focused on the needs of that marketplace than ever. We’re a company driven by quality. We continually work with all of our processes to improve them.

US Ink has the advantage of having 11 regional manufacturing locations across the country. Our regional approach to the newsprint ink market helps us build partnerships with our customers. We believe it is important that our operations be as close to the consumers as possible. Our regional approach assures appropriate local resources to give timely delivery and technical service.US Ink is part of a larger company, Sun Chemical Corporation. Sun Chemical is a global graphic arts corporation with many companies and divisions in various segments of the market such as inks, plates, pigments, and films. This allows us to correspond with printing ink related businesses all around the globe in researching any type of question.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with US Ink.

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