Myron L Meters Thanks TI Brazing (ADB Industries)!

Posted by 6 May, 2011

Thompson Industries Ltd. established in 1965 is the leader in manufacturing and development of Heat Exchangers, Cold Plates, Aluminum Vacuum Brazing, Heat Treating, Fin Forming, High Speed Machining, and Thermal Analysis/Testing. 

Our climate-controlled facility has recently expanded to 52,750 sq-ft and provides for prototype and high volume production manufacturing. Our manufacturing facility has recently been modernized with the latest equipment the industry has to offer. Our commitment to this latest state-of-the-art equipment has allowed us to develop an automated, unmanned, lights out 24/7 manufacturing capability.

Our years of experience in brazing and precision machining allows us to provide superior engineering support and customer service to develop the best manufactured product at a reasonable cost, efficiently and on time. 

Thompson prides itself in our ability to manufacture a specific part or an assembly from product inception to final completion all within this modern facility. 

Thompson’s products are used in critical applications for a wide range of industries and products including; aerospace, defense, semiconductor, supercomputer and medical.

We invite you to make an appointment to visit Thompson Ind. Ltd. or call to discuss how we can assist you with your thermal engineering and manufacturing solutions. 

We are conveniently located in Southern California in the city of Hawthorne, just minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport or Long Beach Airport.

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