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Posted by 9 May, 2011
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Trident Refit Facility
The Trident Refit Facility (TRF) is the largest tenant command at Kings Bay and has quietly and efficiently kept a significant portion of the United States Fleet Ballistic Missile submarines at sea since 1985. TRF provides quality industrial-level and logistics support for the incremental overhaul, modernization, and repair of Trident submarines. It also furnishes global submarine supplies and spare parts support. In addition, TRF provides maintenance and support services to other submarines, regional maintenance customers, and other activities as requested.
The Trident Refit Facility possesses the largest covered drydock in the world, measuring 700 feet (210 m) long, 100 feet (30 m) wide, and 67 feet (20 m) deep. A state-of-the-art Magnetic Silencing Facility (MSF) provides degaussing services, including ranging and the removal of permanent magnetism for submarines of the U.S. Navy and the British Royal Navy, as well as for steel-hulled surface warships. The MSF is the only facility of its kind on the East Coast, and it is also used for research for development of future magnetic systems. The Defensive Ordnance Support Facility maintains and stores all of the torpedoes carried by the Trident missile submarines for self-defense.

Sailors utilize a simulator for refresher training at King’s Bay’s Trident Training Facility (TTF)
Trident Training Facility
The Trident Training Facility (TTF), with over 520,000 square feet (48,000 m2) of classroom and office space, trains sailors in the skills necessary to operate and maintain the Trident submarine and its systems. TTF has an essential role in support of the Trident submarines and utilizes equipment trainers (simulators) to simulate, as realistically as possible, the actual equipment on the submarine.[3] Trainers include damage control, fire fighting, ship control, navigation, and most weapons and engineering subsystems.[4]
TTF’s mission is to provide basic, advanced, functional, refresher and team training to Trident submarine crew members and submarine support personnel, in order to increase and maintain the knowledge and proficiency in specific skills and to provide specialized training. The training facility has also been known to train foreign navies. The United Kingdom’s Vanguard class submarine, through the Polaris Sales Agreement, shares the Trident missile and associated weapon subsystems with the United States and their sailors regularly visit the Kingsbay Naval Base. Additionally, the Colombian Navy trained at TTF because of the lack of high technology trainers in their own country.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with the U.S. Navy.

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