Myron L Meters Thanks TC Transcontinental!

Posted by 16 Apr, 2012

TC Transcontinental has set up an innovative operating structure so that we can meet the individual needs of our major customer categories. The company’s operations are grouped into two sectors.

This structure gives TC Transcontinental the best opportunity to help marketers, publishers and commercial clients reach and keep their customers more effectively.

The Printing Sector handles all our newspaper, book, magazine and marketing product printing. That way we can better focus our efforts for customers who need these specific products and services and specialize our printing plants accordingly.

The fourth largest print media group in Canada, with more than 4,000 employees, TC. Media reaches, through its multiplatform offering, over 18 million consumers across Canada. The group is the largest publisher of consumer magazines and French language educational resources in Canada, and the largest publisher of local and regional newspapers in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. 

TC Media publishes the weekday daily Metro in Montreal and Halifax. It is also the leading distributor of door-to-door advertising material in Canada, with Publisac in Quebec and Targeo in the rest of Canada. TC Media is distinguished by its custom publishing, mailing and customized email database, which allows marketers to connect efficiently with more than six million consumers. Thanks to a wide digital network of more than 1,000 websites, TC Media reaches 13 million unique visitors per month in Canada.

Whether as a printer, publisher, interactive communications and media provider, or door-to-door distributor of advertising material, TC Transcontinental has a daily impact on the lives of millions of North American consumers.

The magazines, newspapers and books we publish and those we print for other companies help keep consumers better informed and open up new cultural horizons for them. The flyers and catalogues we print and the interactive communications products and services we provide, along with our door-to-door distribution activities, help consumers make informed choices and improve the quality of their lives. Plus, all our services are enhanced by our Internet sites and portals.

TC Transcontinental’s products and services help businesses reach consumers all across North America through integrated multiplatform marketing products.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with TC Transcontinental.

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