Myron L Meters Thanks Silverado Dialysis!

Posted by 30 Sep, 2011

D-4 Digital Dialysate Meter

Definitive Dialysate Testing

The D-4 is specifically designed to test both acetate and bicarbonate dialysate quality. Measure Conductivity, TDS and Temperature to ensure proper mixing during dialysate preparation and as a final check of dialysate quality before hemodialysis treatment. There are no strips or reagents that expire or subjective interpretation of results. Internal sensors require the user to place the sample in the instrument, preventing contamination of dialysate by the measurement device.

Comprehensive Water Quality Analysis for Hemodialysis

The D-4 also measures parameters critical in water quality monitoring and control at every stage of hemodialysis water treatment. Test Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, and Temperature of feed and product water in unit processes. Use measurements as independent checks against automatic systems of control and to check residual levels of sanitizers in water treatment and hemodialysis systems after system maintenance.

Powerful, portable D-4 features extreme accuracy in widely varying ranges, easy one-touch measurements and keypad calibration. Bluetooth communication available with bluDock option for easy record-keeping.

bluDock Bluetooth Wireless Communication Package
Package includes Dialysate Meter hardware modification that allows the unit to communicate wirelessly with a personal computer configured for wireless device communication.

The D-4 Digital Dialysate Meter has found a new home at Silverado Dialysis of Napa, California.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Silverado Dialysis.

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