Myron L Meters Thanks Sentry Water Management!

Posted by 13 Apr, 2012

Sentry was founded in 1977 and is a family owned and managed second generation company. We are proud to be responsible for many of New York’s famous properties, water treatment programs. Sentry pioneered innovative applications in the Tri State area including: 

1. Fully automated true microprocessor based applications. 
2. First in side stream media and bag filtration. 
3. First in stabilized bromine in cooling towers. 
4. First licensed application of chlorine dioxide for legionella control. 

Annual testing of buildings drinking water supplies for conformance to Safe Drinking Water Act of potability and legionella bacteria services provided. Avaliable for “Event” situations 24/7 with 90 minute response team.

Our Experience Is The Difference

Sentry Water Management is a family owned enterprise with long term experience in water treatment. The expertise of our staff is unmatched, with more than four decades of experience. Yet Sentry is more than an independent company-we are part of the ETI network, which is national and international in scope.

All of our service staff are certified technicians with an unmatched safety and compliance record. We develop custom chemicals that are blended in-house. We are legionella specialists who were awarded the first New York City Department of Health license using chlorine dioxide for the disinfection of drinking water for the control of Legionella.

With this background, you can trust us to develop solutions specifically designed for your property.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Sentry Water Management,

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