Myron L Meters Thanks SciGene!

Posted by 29 Apr, 2011


SciGene was founded in 2003 following the acquisition of product lines formerly sold under the Robbins Scientific brand including the widely used “blue” hybridization ovens. Since inception, SciGene has devoted its efforts to developing and manufacturing innovative instruments that simplify the sample preparation and processing of DNA microarrays.



SciGene offers a suite of instruments that use process control and method optimization to automate the sample handling used with microarray-based methods in research and diagnostics.

Automating a laboratory’s “microarray workflow” enhances the quality of data and the reliability of patient test results.

The ArrayPrep® Target Preparation System automates the tedious process of labeling and purifying targets and loading them onto microarrays. The Mai Tai® Hybridization System works with ArrayPrep to streamline array hybridization set up and provides bubble mixing during incubation of multiple samples. The Little® Dipper Processor and NoZone® Workspace work together to automate all post-hybridization washing and drying steps within an ozone safe environment presenting arrays ready for scanning.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with this fine company.

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