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Posted by 24 Jul, 2012

Schreiber Foods has grown from a single production facility in Green Bay, Wis., to a $4.5+ billion global enterprise and the world’s largest employee owned dairy company. 

We’re successful because we live our values of ownership, caring, partnership, continuous improvement and commitment to our customers each and every day.

People are the key

It’s never been just about the money. Our founders believed we’d prosper if we put people first. When they started the company, they said our best chance to be successful was to hire the best people, train them well and treat them fairly. It’s a philosophy we still live by today. We’re about building mea

ningful relationships with each other, with our customers and with our communities.

Key dates in our history:

1945 Company founded. 1962 L.D. Schreiber Cheese Co. incorporates with the purchase of company stock by 13 employees. 1967 The company begins production of individually wrapped singles. 1968 For the first time, the company offers employees other than the original 13 owners the opportunity to purchase company stock. 1973 Our in-house design center is created, offering design solutions for customer labels and packaging. 1980 L.D. Schreiber Cheese Co. becomes Schreiber Foods. 1988 Schreiber sets the standard by changing its service goals to “exact shipment” from “plus or minus 10 percent,” which was typical of the industry. 1993 Annual sales surpass $1 billion. 1994 Schreiber builds the CAPRI plant in Clinton, Mo., providing the company with a high-quality, reliable source for its printed packaging materials. 1999 The Logan plant sets a new industry safety record.

The company creates its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). 2001 Annual sales surpass $2 billion. 2002 Enters the cream cheese market with the acquisition of the largest customer brand cream cheese maker. 2005 Enters the yogurt market, further diversifying its dairy product selection.

Enters production of string cheese.

Achieves goal of strategically locating distribution centers within one day of all continental U.S. customers. 2006 Enters into a joint venture in China. 2008 Annual sales surpass $4 billion. 2010 Acquires production facility in Uruguay.

Expands European presence with a joint venture in Austria. 2011 Acquires customer-brand yogurt business from Dean Foods.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Schreiber Foods.

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