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Slesnick Recycling has been in business for 81 years; we specialize in fiber recycling which consists mainly of cardboard and various grades of paper.  Our recycling services focus is with commercial and manufacturing companies, as they typically generate recyclable materials in large volume.  We also recycle various grades of plastic and polystyrene.

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Slesnick Recycling maintains its commitment to all its customers by continuing to upgrade equipment and facilities that ensure today’s recycling demands are met.  

Hauling Service

Our fleet of 24 trucks and 74 trailers supports over 100 different locations.  We provide roll off services as well as hauling services that include rubbish and recycling.  Slesnick Recycling also provides sorting load container services.  We can also spot and switch trailers for recycling customers.  Our elevator trailers can pick up cardboard bales at ground level.  In addition to our own fleet, we work with other companies and contractors.  We also welcome material brought by haulers from throughout the region.

We’ve also have added a 100 year-old former railroad warehouse that has provided additional storage space and we  recently purchased another old railroad building for future growth in central Canton. Beyond recycling paper in Canton, S. Slesnick Co. also has diversified by recycling plastic. 

Recycling Services

Canton, OH Facility 
40 employees

Our main plastic and paper recycling facility is 80,000 square feet which is located in Canton, Ohio.  This facility has shredding sorting, baling and shredding capabilities. Our tractor trailers deliver both paper and plastic to this location, which we sort and bale using a new double ram hydraulic baler. Roll off trucks also deliver and pick up containers used for compacting or collection of fiber materials.  This location has roll splitting and book cutting capabilities which allow quick removal of paper for processing.

Product is stored on site until it is ready to be shipped to the recycling mills both located here in the US as well as overseas. We are now able to prepare Styrofoam (polystyrene) for recycling at this facility.

Alliance, OH Facility
30 employees

The Alliance Recycling Center is 35,000 square feet and located in Alliance Ohio.  This facility handles not only fiber grades but also plastic bottles; aluminum used beverage containers (UBCs), steel food cans, glass, non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and ferrous metals.  Our Alliance location also provides beverage disposal services for nine different facilities throughout the state and processes between 35 and 70 trailer loads of obsolete beverages per month in a custom designed part of the plant.    A double ram baler for paper, plastic and metal processing is used to handle the volume quickly and efficiently.


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