Myron L Meters Thanks River City Water Treatment!

Posted by 8 Aug, 2011

Chris Leone and River City Water Treatment have over thirty years experience in water treatment sales and service in the San Antonio area..

Just call the waterman for all your water needs

We have over 30 years of experience in service and sales of all types of water treatment equipment in a variety of sizes (commercial and residential). If you have hard water, iron, odor, bacteria, etc. or just have a general question about your water;email us for the answers.

Check out our products at and let us know if you find something you are interested in. Email us and we will contact you with pricing and availability on the item. Due to the vast number of items and continual price changes, we will provide you a quote at the time of your request. This will ensure you receive the most accurate information on price and availability.

Authorized WATTS DealerAlamo Water
Tel: (210) 308–9355
Fax: (210) 349–7371

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with River City Water Treatment.  Please visit us on Facebook:

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