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Posted by 21 Aug, 2012

About us
Rhodia is a member of the Solvay Group, an international industrial company offering a broad range of products and solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life.
With 14,250 employees and sales of EUR 6.17 billion in 2011, Rhodia is a world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals. We provide added-value products and high-performance solutions to diversified markets, including automotive, electronics, flavors and fragrances, health, personal and home care, consumer goods and industrial, through our 11 Global Business Units (GBUs).
Our strong geographic presence in high-growth markets and our resolute commitment to sustainable development places Rhodia in the strongest of positions to face the challenges of today’s industry.
Key figures 2011
Sales: €6,171 million
REBITDA: € 1,119 million
Employees: 14,250
Rhodia’s history
Rhodia was founded on January 1, 1998 following the spin-off of the chemicals, fibers and polymers activities of French multinational Rhône-Poulenc when it merged with Hoechst of Germany. In the next ten years, Rhodia’s profile changed considerably – the result of significant acquisitions followed by major refocusing on leadership positions on key high growth markets.
Today, Rhodia leads the world in the production of mild amphoteric surfactants, phosphorus chemistry and guars and derivatives, as well as in high-performance silicas, rare earth-based formulations and diphenols. We are number two in polyamides and the number three producer of cellulose acetate tow.
Established in 25 countries worldwide, with manufacturing facilities and R&D centers in all four major regions of the world – Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific – Rhodia is dedicated to bringing the very best in innovation and service to our customers, as well as providing a vibrant and fulfilling working environment for our staff.
In 2011, Rhodia became the third sector of the Solvay Group following a successful friendly bid for the company.
Rhodia’s corporate structure is built around 11 Global Business Units, regrouped in five clusters:
Consumer Chemicals
– Novecare develops specialty surfactants and polymer-based solutions for the cosmetics, detergents, agrochemicals, coatings, oilfield and industrial applications markets
– Coatis develops oxyenated solvents and manufactures phenol-based products and derivatives specifically for the Latin American market
– Aroma Performance produces aromas for the food market and intermediates for the perfurmery, agro-food, electronics and life sciences markets
Advanced Materials
– Rare Earth Systems provides rare earth-based formulations for automotive catalysis, lighting and polishing
– Silica provides high performance silicas to global tire makers
Polyamide Materials
– Polyamide & Intermediates produces intermediates and polymers derived from the Polyamide 6.6 value chain
– Engineering Plastics offers polyamide-based high-performance engineering plastics to the automotive, electrical and electronic, sportswear and leisure markets
– Fibras develops polyamide-based yarns for the Latin American market
Acetow and Eco Services
– Acetow is a global producer of filter tow for making cigarette filters
– Eco Services specializes in sulfuric acid production and regeneration services provided to oil refiners in North America.
Energy Services provides energy management services and develops “climate care” solutions
Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Rhodia.

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