Myron L Meters Thanks Primo Water!

Posted by 15 Mar, 2012

Primo Water Corporation was started in 2004 by Billy Prim, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Blue Rhino, the market leader in propane grill cylinder exchange with over 29,000 retail locations in 49 states. Using the Blue Rhino model, Billy created Primo Water as a way to offer consumers both top quality in-home water dispensers and clean, purified water using an exchange process that does not create the waste produced by single-use bottles. 

Today the company produces the top-selling line of water dispensers in the United States, selling both traditional top-loading dispensers and innovative bottom-loading bottle dispensers at retail locations nationwide as well as online. 

Primo Water is bottled locally at over 60 locations nationwide using a 9-stage purification process. All Primo Water is injected with a proprietary mixture of minerals to give it a unique taste that is preferred by 3 out of 4 consumers tested. Primo bottled water and the Primo exchange service are available at retail locations nationwide—and we’re adding more every day! 

Primo Water Corporation is an environmentally and ethically responsible company dedicated to producing products that will help improve people’s lives, their health, and their world. Our goal is to make Primo appliances and water available to everyone who can benefit from having our products in their home. Learn more about our “be responsible” philosophy. 

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Primo Water.

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