Myron L Meters Thanks Plant Masters Wholesale Nursery!

Posted by 28 Sep, 2011

Plant Masters Wholesale Nursery of Kountze, Texas is the owner of a new AG-5 Agrimeter from

Myron L Meters.



Checks soil salinity
Checks water salinity
Checks correct fertilizer concentration
Checks boiler water conductivity
Automatic temperature compensation means no thermometers or adjustments
Only small amount of soil needed for tests 
Budget priced 

Plant health can be greatly affected by pH (acidic or basic), salinity (soluble salts), and alkalinity, yet growers often ignore these factors. It is easy to test for these three important parameters using a portable AGRI-METER with Soil Test Kit.SOILS

Optimum soil pH is essential for obtaining maximum efficiency from fertilizers and herbicides.This is especially true for artificial growing media which, without buffering capability, are much more pH sensitive than natural soil. In addition, the pH of artificial soils can vary greatly when new, and must be adjusted (leached) before use.

Dissolved salts (salinity) in soil must also be monitored to guarantee healthy plants. Salt build-up in soil can be due to high TDS (total dissolved solids) in water, excess fertilizer, or poor drainage. Each plant has its own salinity tolerance level. If excessive salts accumulate in the soil, roots will take in little or no soil solution, resulting in reduced plant growth and quality.Using a Myron L Model AG6/PH for checking soil salinity and pH is easy. Simply mix one part soil with two parts pure water in the vials provided with the Soil Test Kit. Some organic media, such as peat moss, need a 5:1 water: soil dilution ratio. Only a heaping tablespoon of soil is required. Agitate container vigorously. Let settle for 45-60 minutes and decant the water into the instrument cell cup. Push buttons to read directly in millimhos/conductivity (salinity) and soil pH.

Myron L Meters is pleased to do business with Plant Masters.

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