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Posted by 23 Apr, 2012

A leading North American hardwood lumber brand, Northwest Hardwoods is recognized by the furniture, cabinet and millwork industries for its high quality and custom grades.

We’re committed to using our resources efficiently. That’s why we use virtually every portion of the log that goes through our mills. Even scrap products like bark and wood chips fuel our facilities. And all of our primary manufacturing facilities are certified the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives ® (SFI) fiber sourcing certification standard.

Our North American hardwood products all bear the name of the original 1967 alder operations: Northwest Hardwoods. We’ve kept the name as a symbol of the commitment to innovation that started there and helped our company grow. Today, our North American hardwood operations include 12 facilities across North America.

We manufacture 15 species of kiln-dried hardwood lumber, as well as pallet shook and railroad ties.

Need help selecting species or finding more cost-efficient ways to compete? Our Account Managers will help you take advantage of our vast resources, species diversity and custom grading system, to achieve higher yields with less waste.  Our global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities can also connect you with a wide array of structural and appearance plywood options to complement our lumber selection.








Hard Maple

Pacific Coast Maple

Soft Maple

Yellow Poplar

Red Oak

White Oak



To meet our exacting grading standards, we employ the most advanced technology and one of the most progressive manufacturing processes. It’s the other part of the Graded for Yield® equation, helping ensure the high quality and consistency of our products.

Double-cut bandmills and laser-guided scanning technology improve the yield of each log. In our Western and Glacial regions, abrasive planers deliver clean lumber with fewer splits and less skip. The latest kiln equipment, combined with the way we manage and monitor the drying process, provides more consistent product. And we grade after drying and sanding. It’s contrary to how some mills operate, but we believe it’s the best way to offer on-grade lumber.

North American Hardwoods are among the most plentiful, and well-managed natural resources in the world.  Hardwoods have a finite life cycle and when properly managed, they regenerate.  In fact, there’s more hardwoods now that there were 50 years ago, and the current tree selection and harvesting methods will ensure this is the case for generations to come.

Hardwood trees have another positive impact on our environment. Trees remove CO2 from the air.  As a by-product of photosynthesis a tree releases oxygen for us to breathe, and then the excess carbon is stored within its fibers.  If the tree is harvested and used,  this stored carbon remains in the wood whether it becomes a board, a chair, an heirloom armoire or your grandfather’s clock.  This carbon is sequestered for the useful lifetime of the wood product.  By using hardwoods we actually help to reduce one of the primary elements associated with global warming.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Northwest Hardwoods.

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