Myron L Meters Thanks Nicherei Corporation!

Posted by 19 Oct, 2011

The Nichirei Group engages in a variety of business activities based on its Group Brand Statement.

Nichirei Group Brand Statement Networking Good Taste and Freshness Thanks to our steadfast commitment to quality, highly developed technologies, new ideas, and the networking of all our corporate group resources, Nichirei delivers fresh and healthy good taste and creates happiness at the dining table.

Processed Foods

Helping people eat - everything from box lunches to full dinners Nichirei Foods Inc.

Nichirei Foods develops, manufactures, and sells frozen food products and other processed foods.

Marine Products & Meat and Poultry Products

Connecting to the world through premium ingredients Nichirei Fresh Inc.

Nichirei Fresh procures, processes, and sells marine, meat, and poultry products.


Efficient transportation that preserves freshness Nichirei Logistics Group Inc.

Nichirei Logistics Group supports food distribution by carefully storing and efficiently transporting food products.


Contributing to health and beauty through biotechnology Nichirei Biosciences Inc.

Nichirei Biosciences manufactures and sells cell-culture reagents, diagnostic agents, and raw materials for cosmetic products.

Back-office Operations

Providing smooth business infrastructure support Nichirei Proserve Inc.

Nichirei Proserve provides business support services including personnel, general administration, accounting, financial, legal, insurance, and leasing services.

Real Estate

Using Nichirei's real estate holdings to create pleasant spaces Nichirei's real estate division

Nichirei’s Real Estate Division makes effective use of group-owned properties through such activities as the development and sale of residential housing units.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Nicherei Corporation.

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