Myron L Meters Thanks Nestle…Again!

Posted by 18 Aug, 2011

Bottled Waters with Distinctive Tastes and Heritage

Our company history starts in 1976, with one brand that launched a generation of bottled water drinkers, Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. As bottled water became the beverage of choice for active, health-minded individuals, we sought to bring together quality regional bottlers to meet that demand. Today, our portfolio is more than 15 brands strong.

Brands in the Nestlé Waters North America Family

Springs have always been gathering places. People believed that spring water – surfacing from underground, where it was purified by sand and rocks, to meet the light of day – was the cleanest source. Throughout history, mankind has settled near springs. The vessels in which they carried water to their dwellings – whether in hides or earthen jugs – were the earliest forms of bottled water.

Being tried and true doesn’t happen overnight. So many of our 15 brands have long stood proud of serving consumers for more than 100 years. These brands are steeped in a heritage of quality water, consumer trust and historic places. These brand names really mean something to people.

Click on a bottle to learn more about each brand.

Brands Timeline

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Nestle Waters.

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