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Posted by 17 Apr, 2012

The highest quality hardwoods and the highest quality people in the business — that’s the MTL difference.

Established in 1967, MTL is growing strong. We dry more than one million board feet of lumber each month, and carry $7 mllion worth of lumber at any given time. On site, you’ll find six dry kilns, a millwork plant, and a flooring plant. 

Middle Tennessee Lumber is a member of the following hardwood trade associations:

WCMA (Wood Component Manufacturers Association)

NOFMA (National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association)

NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association)

TFA (Tennessee Forestry Association)

AHMI (Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc)

The Best Your Money Can Buy

Known the world over for its Appalachian timber, the Middle Tennessee region has the ideal balance of climate, elevation and soil quality to produce the highest quality hardwoods. As a result, our wood has a richer, more even color, softer texture, a more elegant appearance, and better widths and lengths, all providing better yields and working properties-so you get a better product. 

Flooring Installers Love Our Slow-Molded Hardwood Floors

Slow-molded flooring is an installer’s dream, and our manufacturing facility produces up to 15,000 square feet of it every day. To ensure our planks lay better, we slow-mold them at just 110 to 120 lineal board feet per minute, compared to the industry standard of 450. As a result, our floors require less sanding, produce less waste, and take finish better. Slow milling also gives us more time to inspect, end match and side match our planks, making our floors fit better and lay faster. And since we only use high grade lumber, you get better lengths and a better overall grade.

Unfinished Flooring 

Specs: 2 ¼”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” 

White Oak 

Red Oak 



Hard Maple



Prefinished Flooring 

Specs: 2 ¼”, 3”, 4”, 5”



Red Oak 


White Oak

Hard Maple

Having our own millwork plant on site gives Middle Tennessee Lumber a distinct advantage over the competition. We offer a greater variety of inventory, including S4S Mouldings, Fingerjointed S4S, and blanks. And we can offer mixed loads, to save you time and money.


Program Custom Mouldings

Our lineal mouldings are run in the following species on a program or per order basis:



Red Oak

White Oak

Hard Maple


Moulding Blanks 

Save time, money and space—and eliminate waste—with our ready-to-rip moulding blanks.

Calculate your yield costs more easily and accurately

Avoid making byproduct finished goods that end up selling below cost

Save freight costs by only buying what you’ll use

Eliminate expensive ripping, waste and waste-hauling fees

Avoid buying expensive waste grinding and handling equipment

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Middle Tennesse Lumber.

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