Myron L Meters Thanks Metro Water!

Posted by 20 May, 2011

Metropolitan Domestic Water Improvement District is a municipal water provider to 19,825 connections, serving the water needs of more than 50,000 people and hundreds of businesses in northwest, northeast and southwest metropolitan Tucson. Ninety-five percent of Metro Water’s customers are single-family residents. Formed in 1992, the District is the largest domestic water improvement district in Arizona and the only urban one.

Conservation Efforts
Metro Water has a proactive conservation awareness program, which includes continual education about water conservation through our District newsletter. The District has a toilet rebate program and a graywater/water harvesting rebate program to promote lower water consumption. Desert landscape workshops have been scheduled periodically for customers. The District in past years has also distributed to customers through its water bills, toilet leak detection kits, aerator retrofit kits, outdoor watering self audits and landscape watering advice. The District sent toilet leak detection kits to customers in 2008. In November 1995, the District Board of Directors took another proactive stance toward water conservation by implementing a rate structure that includes a conservation component to encourage lower water consumption. In subsequent years, the District has adjusted its rate structure to promote even greater water efficiency.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Metro Water.

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