Myron L Meters Thanks Mayer Brothers!

Posted by 11 Jul, 2012

In 1852, Jacob Mayer started the present Mayer Bros. Cider Mill, located in West Seneca, New York. It was a custom squeezing mill for local growers, and after many years of thriving business, it was passed on to Jacob’s son, John. In 1938, John passed it on to his three sons — Earl, Elmer, and Allen. Today it is run by the fourth generation, Allen’s son, John. 

John Mayer’s vision was to create a year-round operation with a wider range of products and an increased production capacity. This dream came to fruition when he engineered a technologically advanced juice pressing and bottling line. This succeeded in introducing their quality product line to area chain stores and other bottlers throughout the Northeast. 

In 1986, meetings and negotiations with Gerber led to the purchase of Gerber’s Cornucopia Farms, the Lake Road processing plant and cold storage facility in Somerset, NY. Over time, engineering changes were made and juice products rolled off the line, but there was a need for a product that could be produced year-round to ensure work for the off-season. That is when months of negotiation in 1988 landed a major contract for about 650,000 cases of 16oz. bottles. 

Today, the fruits of these generations of labor are easily found. A visit to the West Seneca mill provides everything from apple and juice products to jellies, jams, syrup, cheeses, and other country delights. 

A variety of apples and other fruits are pressed into 100% all natural juices, available year-round at local supermarkets. Beside the Mayer Bros. label, other brands are produced, through custom labeling and co-pack bottling. 

Cold storage for local farmers, bottling for name brand baby juices, and pressing for bulk shipment are among the many commercial services that add quality to a cornucopia of other products, for now and for generations to come.

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