Myron L Meters Thanks Maui Tropical Algae Farm!

Posted by 21 Jun, 2012

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Maui Tropical Algae Farm, busily raising their Haematococcus pluvialis, a freshwater species of Chlorophyta from the family Haematococcaceae. This species is well known for its high content of the strong antioxidant astaxanthin, which is important in aquaculture, various pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.[2] The high amount of astaxanthin is present in the resting cells, which are produced and rapidly accumulated when the environmental conditions become unfavorable for normal cell growth. Examples of such conditions include bright light, high salinity, and low availability of nutrients.[3] Haematococcus pluvialis is usually found in temperate regions around the world. Their resting cysts are often responsible for the blood-red colour seen in the bottom of dried out rock pools and bird baths. This colour is caused by astaxanthin which is believed to protect the resting cysts from the detrimental effect of UV-radiation, when exposed to direct sunlight.

Maui Tropical Algae Farm is the owner of a new Ultrameter II 6PFCe.

The Myron L Ultrameter II 6P is an excellent multiparameter water quality meter used by thousands of water treatment professionals. The instrument can test for pH, total dissolved solids, conductivity, resistivity, oxidation reduction potential, temperature, and has the capability of testing for free chlorine. This meter handles the job of SIX single parameter testers using one single water sample.

Quick and easy testing:

Rinse the cell cup and fill with sample

Push the parameter button and record the measurement

Accuracy You Can Count On

If you are doing any sort of water testing that requires a certain degree of accuracy, then this multiparameter meter will be your best friend. It has an accuracy spec of +/-1% of reading (not merely full scale). The integrated cell cup contains four electrodes allowing for stability throughout the full range of measurement.

 Easy to Calibrate

You can easily reset the instrument to the factory default settings to quickly calibrate when in the field. For greater accuracy, you can use NIST calibration solutions and adjust the settings using the keypad buttons.

 The Ultrameter 6P can be used for water quality analysis in many situations.

Need a water conductivity meter and TDS tester? Looking for a pH ORP tester? Count on the accuracy of this water quality instrument! The Myron L Ultrameter II has got you covered. The pH and ORP sensor is very durable and can withstand many applications – quality of irrigation water, hydroponics water, laboratories, reverse osmosis water quality, deionization, wastewater testing, cooling tower water treatment, environmental, desalination, and fountain solutions. Whether testing aggressive chemicals or pure water, this instrument will hold calibration and continue to support your daily testing needs.

The Ultrameter II 6P is calibrated with NIST standards before being shipped to you, so you can use it immediately upon delivery.

Advanced Features

– Automatic temperature compensation to 25 degrees Celsius.

– Powered by a long-lasting 9V battery; Auto-shutoff maximizes the lifespan to more than 100 hours/5000 tests.

– Waterproof up to 3ft and it floats!

– The display automatically shifts the decimal to give you the best accuracy for your range of measurement.

– You can save up to 100 measurements (w/ date & time stamp) then download them to your computer saving time and reducing errors*. (*Requires optional bluDock wireless accessory)

– User adjustable conductivity/TDS conversion ratio for greater accuracy when measuring solutions not contained in the microprocessor.

– Non-volatile microprocessor provides data back-up, even when the battery is changed. This assures all calibrations and memory data will be retained.

High Performance at a Low Cost

Other multiparameter meters require external sensors, frequent calibration, and must be sent back to the manufacturer annually. The Ultrameter II 6P is an affordable, simple to use water quality meter that gives you better return on your investment than other handheld instruments.

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