Myron L Meters Thanks Longview Fibre Paper and Packaging!

Posted by 5 Aug, 2011

Longview manufactures high-quality kraft papers, containerboard and corrugated boxes. 
Through customer focus, quality, service-responsiveness and value, we are positioned as the 
preferred supplier to our chosen markets.

Our vision: We will create a successful, long-term manufacturing business, which will generate an
attractive risk-adjusted return and encourage reinvestment. Safety and environmental protection are
prerequisites for work. 

  • In business since 1927
  • Dedicated workforce provides specialized skills to ensure highest-quality product
  • One of the largest consumers of recycled material in the Western United States
  • Actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions—by more than half since 2000
  • Received certification from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® in October 2009 for both our paper and corrugated products
  • Long history of support for community programs, industry associations and college programs
  • Strategically located, well-equipped facilities provide manufacturing redundancies and security of supply
  • Western U.S. manufacturing footprint, with a global reach
  • Only U.S. producer of high-performance multiwall: FibreShield® and TEAKraft®
  • Largest producer of highly recycled kraft paper in U.S.
  • Network of seven box and sheet plants provides world-class quality with regional focus
  • Resources to support the graphic and structural needs of our customers
  • Diversified customers and client base
  • Multiple paper machine configuration for “one-stop” kraft paper shopping
  • Variety of furnishes, including recycled and strong-virgin pulp
  • Dedication to product development
  • Significant reinvestment in modern quality-control systems and manufacturing processes
  • Specialty box designs for the agricultural, processed food and manufacturing industries

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Longview.

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