Myron L Meters Thanks LDJ Products!

Posted by 12 Sep, 2011

Thunder Creek Equipment diesel fuel and service trailers are made by LDJ Manufacturing, Inc, a family-owned business located in Pella, Iowa.  

LDJ Manufacturing started 16 years ago when Loren and Jean Van Wyk opened a small fabrication business to supplement the family’s farming income.  The business quickly became known for uncompromised quality in steel fabrication and turned into a full-time endeavor.

Located in Pella, Iowa, LDJ Manufacturing is ready to serve you on your next steel fabrication project. We bring decades of fabrication experience and expert design capabilities to every thing we produce. If your needs require a prototype, start-to-finish manufacturing or production runs on large or small parts we are equipped to deliver.

With our steel fabrication operation geographically centered in the Midwest, we are able to cost effectively serve customers nationwide. Additionally, our streamlined manufacturing capabilities leverage some of the best equipment to ensure you benefit from our lower production expenses.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with LDJ Products.

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