Myron L Meters Thanks Jentek Water Treatment!

Posted by 26 Jul, 2012

Since 1998, Jentek Water Treatment, Inc. has been providing turnkey water treatment solutions to HVAC, industrial and construction industries. The need for a company with undivided responsibility developed as this challenging industry filled with sales professionals instead of water treatment specialists.

Our associates are professionals in fields such as chemistry, engineering and refrigeration. Jentek specialists demonstrate technical expertise, coupled with mechanical aptitude and an ability to communicate in layman’s terms. Only when associates have successfully implemented all areas of the Jentek Turnkey System, will they be considered water treatment specialists.

Although chemical formulations and controls are very important, excellence is only realized when a total water management program is implemented. Therefore, Jentek invests heavily in continuing education and operator training.

Jentek believes that our company reputation for excellence should be maintained daily. As a result, our technical services are second to none. As we continue to raise the expectations of our industry, it is our hope that you can experience the benefits of the technology wave led by Jentek.

Contact your local Jentek specialist to see if we can improve your water program. Statistics indicate a 98% chance that your company, equipment, processes and employees will experience benefits immediately from initiating Jentek turnkey solutions.

Jentek manufactures and services a full line of cooling water, boiler water and domestic water treatments to control scale, corrosion and biological fouling.

Jentek’s research and development chemists have produced chemical technologies that exceed industry standards for excellence in scale and corrosion technology. The JCT series of cooling water treatments offers synergistic blends of proprietary materials to produce clean heat transfer surfaces with negligible corrosion rates.

Although white rust remains problematic to many galvanized cooling towers, Jentek has developed theJMP series of metal passivating and start-up solutions. Our JMP formulas are extending the life expectancies of cooling towers by protecting them from premature failure.

Diligent control of bacteria, algae, fungi and biofilm is achieved through the use of Jentek’s JBX series of microbiocides and penetrants. The non-oxidizing nature of these chemicals reduces the corrosiveness to system metallurgy when compared to oxidizers such as chlorine and bromine. Alternating biocides provides the most effective means to control bacteria and algae as biocide resistance is minimized. For information regarding Legionnaire’s disease and how to control legionella, contact your Jentek water treatment specialist.

J-Therm formulas provide freeze protection of pipes and coils. Ethylene and propylene glycols are available to accommodate the project’s toxicity tolerances, specific heat transfer and freeze point requirements. J-Therm glycols are available with or without the inclusion of corrosion inhibitors. Concentrate or premixed solutions are available to suit the logistical requirements of the project. Delivery and injection are part of our turnkey services and may be implemented through drummed or bulk delivery options. 

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Jentek.

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