Myron L Meters Thanks Intelligentsia Coffee!

Posted by 5 May, 2011

Intelligentsia Coffee’s mission is to provide our customers, staff, and community with an unparalleled and complete coffee and tea experience in an environment steeped in understanding, knowledge, skill, service and mutual respect.

Intelligentsia exists to provide both a fulfilling work environment for our employees and the highest quality products for our customers. Both goals are equally necessary to the success of our business.

Offering the highest quality product includes:

  • Training staff to be the most knowledgeable and skilled in the coffee industry
  • Creating and maintaining a satisfying work environment of continued education and constantly evolving knowledge
  • Providing each customer extraordinary service
  • Treating our vendors with respect and courtesy
  • Contributing as a valuable member of the local and world community
  • Contributing as a valuable member of the world coffee community
  • Never sacrificing quality

Village Voice Best Coffee Beans – 2010


This is an exceedingly difficult category, because we love many different kinds of coffee, and routinely stop for a cup at Stumptown, Blue Bottle, Joe the Art of Coffee, and Ninth Street Espresso, among other places. But what is the coffee we buy to take home and brew in our French-press pots? Intelligentsia, made by a coffee roaster started by San Francisco refugees on Chicago’s North Side. While several coffee bars use Intelligentsia beans (Ninth Street Espresso, for one), we prefer the mixture of Colombian, Nicaraguan, and Tanzanian beans called, simply, “House Blend.” Gourmet Garage, multiple locations

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with this fine company

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