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Posted by 11 Jan, 2012

INTEGRIS Grove has received its 4th Medical Quality Award from the Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality for its performance in the treatment and management of pneumonia, congestive heart failure, stroke, acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), and atrial fibrillation every year that the OFMQ has offered the award.

In order to be eligible for the award, hospitals must demonstrate a 20 percent decrease in the failure rate or sustain a 90 percent or higher improvement rate in eight of 15 quality measures associated with treatment of selected diseases common to Medicare patients.

INTEGRIS Grove and the other INTEGRIS facilities utilize team approaches to quality improvement. They frequently volunteer to participate in additional quality efforts which enhances the learning process and significantly improves their ability to deliver quality care.

INTEGRIS Grove is committed to identifying approaches to improving patient care, from people who care.

Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality Award 2004

2002 (OFMQ did not offer this award in 2003)



INTEGRIS Corporate Compliance Certificate of Recognition 2004 100% Participation Employee Survey

2003 99% Participation Employee Survey

2002 97% Participation Employee Survey

Joint Commission Special Quality Awards 2004 Hospital Quality Alliance Participant

(Formerly National Voluntary Hospital Reporting Initiative) – This designates that a hospital has agreed to submit performance measures for publication on the CMS website.

Grove General Hospital Foundation

There are a variety of ways which will allow you to participate in the growth and medical excellence for INTEGRIS Grove Hospital.

  • Memorials
  • Honor or Commemorative Gifts
  • Annual Giving
  • Bequests
  • Designated Gifts
  • Special Events
  • Planned Giving

As we plan for the future, we welcome your participation and encouragement. This is YOUR foundation whose sole purpose is to provide continuing support for advancements in YOUR community health care.

MISSION: “To encourage philanthropic giving to Grove General Hospital Foundation through implementing programs, increasing public awareness and establishing a “pattern of giving” throughout the region.”


Camp Bandage was adopted by INTEGRIS Grove Hospital in 1991. Over the years, young people have been taught various different aspects of health and safety. This program is made successful through combined efforts of nursing students from Northeastern A&M College, Grove EMS, Afton and Kansas Vo-Tech Allied Health, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital, Grove High School Key Club, Grove Police Department, Sadie the Clown, GRDA officers, Grove Area Fire Departments, Grove Area Fire Clowns, REC Crewmen, City of Grove and Grove Emergency Management Services.


KRCM was developed in 2001 by the Foundation to help cancer stricken patients of Delaware County with the unexpected costs of this disease.


The People In Need fund was created for those employees and patients of INTEGRIS Grove Hospital who are in dire financial need, e.g., medications, medical financial assistance etc. Criteria has to be met — and the PIN Board makes final approval.


A program that encourages teens to make healthy choices about their sexuality. Truth and Consequences is a program that focuses on sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy prevention. Although the program stresses that abstinence is the ONLY guaranteed way to completely be free of unwanted pregnancy and disease, consequences to their decisions are thoroughly discussed.


Patients of INTEGRIS Grove Hospital might need follow up care in the home upon dismissal. The Home Health Fund is designated to help those patients with financial needs.


After three recent near-death episodes in the Grand Lake area, the Foundation unanimously approved to move forward with a new campaign to purchase portable defibrillators for all public schools in Delaware County. We have placed 32 defibrillators in area schools and have trained more than 350 people in CPR. In 2003 Gov. Brad Henry presented the Foundation and INTEGRIS Grove the Community Involvement Award for fostering this program which the Foundation initiated in May 2002.


The Grove General Hospital Foundation awards up to $10,000 annually to departments with INTEGRIS Grove that improve quality patient care. To date the Foundation has given back more than $60,000 in grant money to INTEGRIS Grove.


Grove General Hospital Foundation
918-787-3854 or 787-3464
or toll free: 1-877-428-9355


Community Service

Mission: To improve the health of the people and communities we serve.

INTEGRIS Grove Hospital has always been community oriented since November 1963. If it were not for the community’s support, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital would not have opened its doors.

Today, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital continues to provide a wide variety of community outreach programs. In addition, employees of INTEGRIS Grove give thousands of hours participating on local boards and councils including, but not limited to, the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, Grove City Council, Delaware County Community Partnership, Grove Education Foundation for Excellence, Delaware County United Way and the Delaware County Children’s Special Advocacy Network.

INTEGRIS Grove’s Health Connections coordinates all the community outreach programs. A brief summary is listed below.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Integris Grove Hospital.

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