Myron L Meters Thanks Hidalgo County Irrigation District!

Posted by 27 Dec, 2011

Hidalgo County Irrigation District No.6 is located at the most southern tip of Texas in an area 

called the Lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV).  The LRGV has been experiencing significant 

urban growth over the past decade causing considerable fragmentation of the agricultural 

lands and putting increased pressure on the irrigation districts to improve overall water use 

efficiency.  Of the counties that comprise the LRGV, Hidalgo County had the highest percent 

increase in urban area with 35% (Leigh et al., 2009).


The District, located in the western part of Hidalgo County, has authorized water rights of 

40,729 acre-feet of water from the Rio Grande River and serves approximately 18,900 acres, 

as well as provides raw water for industrial and municipal uses.  The distribution network 

consists of approximately 23 miles of main and 41 miles of secondary and tertiary lined 

canals, and 60 miles of gravity fed pipelines.  In addition, there are three main re-lift stations 

on main canal and several small lift stations throughout the district.  The District operates two 

reservoirs at the start of the main system: Walker (116 acre) and District Lake (60 acres), 

which are maintained in maximum storage capacities to absorb changes from municipal and 

irrigation demands. 


Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Hidalgo County Irrigation Disctrict.


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