Myron L Meters Thanks Global Water Solutions!

Posted by 9 Sep, 2011

Golbal Water Solutions is the parent company of Aquavybe, a super hydrating micro-structured, alkaline, contains 64 trace minerals, pure balanced electrolyes, true antioxidant, delicious  bottled water.

We are the only bottled water that can maintain and hold ALL these special properties; micro structuring, alkalinity, 64 trace ionized minerals, pure natural balanced electrolytes and a true negative ORP signifying anit-oxidant properties for cell cleansing, with a  minimum shelf life of 12 months. AQUAVYBE is delicious at room temperature and has proven clinical studies by an FDA approved lab to be 19% more hydrating than the competition.


We have a proprietary recipe with exclusivities in place for our cutting edge technologies and “ingredients”. We are NOT source dependent and can retro fit any bottling plant in the world to create our special life enhancing “AQUAVYBE” premium water.



Soon to be bottled in an “oxo bio-degradable” bottle as part of our commitment to earth friendly packaging.


Myron L Meters is pleased to do business with Global Water Solutions.

Please visit us on the web at:



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