Myron L Meters Thanks GE Oil & Gas!

Posted by 20 Feb, 2012

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with GE.  Please visit us on the  web:


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Products & Services

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The Power of Experience

From assisting with the mining of natural resources to the distribution of energy to the consumer, our experts provide an expanding portfolio of innovative products, services and integrated solutions. Our charter is to provide the technology and the ability for our customers to produce energy more reliably and efficiently, more cost effectively and with greater environmental awareness than ever before.

GE’s Energy Portfolio


From increasing the efficiency of traditional energy systems to developing leading-edge renewable energy sources, we are hard at work, seeking innovative ways to produce efficient and reliable power.


Our service offerings are designed to help utilities, plant operators and manufacturers meet their operational goals, leveraging field expertise and unique technologies to deliver key results for your business.

Lifecycle Services

GE offers services in support of a wide range of power generating and transmission and distribution equipment. From simple maintenance services to sophisticated technology upgrades to end-to-end outage services, we can help you keep your equipment operating reliably and efficiently.



We provide customers with the high quality training needed to successfully operate equipment and maximize skills and potential.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

Our commitment is to help our worldwide partners and customers design and implement renewable energy solutions for their unique energy needs.

Transmission and Distribution
Transmission and Distribution

GE has a comprehensive transmission and distribution portfolio with products and services that enable grid intelligence processes.

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