Myron L Meters Thanks G & S Metal Consultants!

Posted by 30 Aug, 2011

G&S Metal Consultants, Inc. is the top-quality provider to the aluminum industry for your recycled alloy needs. We buy, process, convert and sell high-grade aluminum of many foundry and wrought type alloys. Capabilities include 356 and A356 alloys, 3000 series alloys, 5000 series alloys, 6000 series alloys, and 7000 series alloys. Our finished goods are available in ingot or sow form and are made to customers’ specifications.

“Recycled Primary” quality is what sets G&S apart from others in the industry. Many customers use our products to supplement the use of primary aluminum and report that its quality is equal to or even better than that of primary. Our process allows us to satisfy even stringent customer quality standards.

The G&S team has years of experience in aluminum melting, casting and processing – we believe we employ some of the finest authorities in the industry. We will do our best to help you maximize efficiencies in melting, scrap-handling and cost-savings. 

G&S Metals is dedicated to providing you with a consistent, high-quality product and personal, friendly service!

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with G&S Metal Consultants.

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