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Posted by 14 Jun, 2012

The Company

1938 Dr. Ralph L. Evans founded “Proprietary Products Laboratories” in Hoboken, NJ. In 1943 the company relocated to Waterloo, NY, and in 1949 was renamed to EVANS CHEMETICS INC.

1978 Evans Chemetics was sold to W.R. Grace and Company. In 1992 the Organic Chemicals Division of 
W.R. Grace including the Evans Chemetics business was acquired by Vestar Capital Partners forming Hampshire Chemical Corporation which in 1995 was taken over by Sentrachem, Southafrica. In 1998 Sentrachem was acquired by The Dow Chemical Corporation and Hampshire Chemical Corp. became a fully owned subsidiary.

Finally on Sept 19, 2005, BRUNO BOCK CHEMISCHE FABRIK GMBH & CO. KG, Germany, acquired the Evans Chemetics business unit with its production site in Waterloo, NY, through its fully owned subsidiary EVANS CHEMETICS LP with its office now in Teaneck, NJ. BRUNO BOCK restored the old company name as it has an exceptional reputation in the whole industry. BRUNO BOCK was founded in 1937 by Bruno Bock and is still privately owned.

Since January 1, 2008, BRUNO BOCK acts also as “Only Representative” of EVANS CHEMETICS LP according the European Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH Regulation), article 8. Those products EVANS CHEMETICS sells directly or indirectly in the countries of the European Community are preregistered and will be registered depending on their tonnage in the years 2010, 2013 and 2018. See also

    Glenpointe Center, Teaneck, NJ, with EVANS CHEMETICS LP office on 4th Floor

EVANS CHEMETICS manufactures ORGANIC DIVALENT SULFUR CHEMICALS and is now together with BRUNO BOCK as parent company the worldwide leading producer of Thioglycolic Acid (CAS# 68-11-1) andMercaptopropionic Acid (CAS# 107-96-0) and their derivitives. 
Additionally Thiodipropionic Acid (CAS# 111-17-1), and its derivatives are produced as antioxidants.
EVANS CHEMETICS also manufactures a large number of specialty sulfur chemicals being the worldwide leading producer of Thioglycerol (CAS# 96-27-5)Ethanolamine Sulfite (CAS# 15535-29-2)
Sulfoethyl Methacrylate (CAS# 10595-80-9) and others. Our products find applications in hair care, cosmetics, food packaging, food additive, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and many other uses.

We at EVANS CHEMETICS maintain with an innovative and highly skilled lean organization and long, steady and successful experiences in the global marketplace a commitment to our esteemed customer base. 
In this regard, our foremost goal is to provide unmatched quality and undivided dedication to our customers.

Our product line is flexible and reliable. Sustainability of our products drives us continuously to development of better qualities with improved processes under permanent control of our environment.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Evans Chemetics.

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