Myron L Meters Thanks Eurofresh Farms!

Posted by 17 Jul, 2012


As one of the largest greenhouse growers and shippers in North America, Eurofresh Farms is infinitely aware of the importance of sustaining our mother Earth. Since our company was founded in 1992, we have been conscientious about protecting and preserving our environment and have implemented numerous ways to conserve and improve the environment within our eco-friendly farming practices.

Eurofresh embraces a strong commitment to growing great tasting “Certified Pesticide Free” tomatoes while also practicing water and land conservation. We continue to research additional ways to invest in the health and well-being of our planet, its people and its resources.

We have six areas of focus where we feel we can have the greatest impact in sustaining our planet: producing pesticide free products, conserving land and water, food safety, reducing our carbon footprint, our “life cycle approach” to packaging, and our dedication to employees.

Eurofresh Farms products are all greenhouse grown, which greatly reduces land usage and is 10 times more productive than open field cultivation. Greenhouse growing ensures optimal environmental conditions and provides the perfect mix of nutrients for our plants, yielding the highest quality produce.  Because our plants grow high on a wire, they are about three times denser than field grown tomatoes.

Eurofresh’s greenhouse environment is ideal for water conservation.  Greenhouse growing uses just one-third the amount of water of field grown crops. Our plants receive just the right amount of nutrient-rich water and any un-used water from the plants is recycled, sterilized and reused to ensure quality and safety.

We exercise soil-free growing practices, predominately using rockwool, within our clean, sanitary, indoor greenhouse environments, which helps to control diseases. Eurofresh is currently evaluating the use of coco peat (a by-product of coconut husks) as a more eco friendly alternative.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Eurofresh.

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