Myron L Meters Thanks Esys!

Posted by 28 Apr, 2011

Esys® The Energy Control Company has been providing services to Central and Southern California from its Bakersfield and Garden Grove offices since 1985.

Esys® specializes in providing process control instrumentation and services to industries involved in oil production and oil treating, pipeline transfer systems, chemical processing, water treatment, food and beverage processing, cogeneration and aerospace manufacturing. Esys® additionally provides a variety of services related to the products it sells.

Mission Statement  

Esys® The Energy Control Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality, leading edge solutions to meet the automation and combustion control challenges of its industrial customers. Esys® accomplishes this goal by bringing to bear both its own extensive expertise in combustion and automation, as well as the expertise of the family of automation product manufacturers with which Esys® is associated. Esys® meets these goals while continuously maintaining uncompromising safety standards.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with this fine company

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