Myron L Meters Thanks ENI Labs!

Posted by 8 Aug, 2012

ENILABS, Inc. provides A2LA certified calibration for all National Instruments, Inc. products. As one of the leading calibration laboratories in Indiana, ENILABS provides fast turnaround time for all of your industrial electronic testing and calibration requirements.All work is done in our state of the art, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited facility. 

We offer calibration services on all National Instrument components (Featured NI Parts),

Precision Instrument Calibration

SO/IEC 17025:2005; Certificate #2147.01 NIST Traceability: Calibration services are performed using standards with accuracies traceable to NIST. 

A calibration label is placed on each instrument indicating the date of calibration, recall date and the technicians initials. Long form written certification of all instrument is available with no extra charge. 

ENI LABS prides itself in a 8 working day or less turn around. RUSH services are available for additional 20% charge. Please call our office for free quotes and information regarding on site services. ENI Labs has computerized recall system to remind you when your equipment comes 

Order Tracking

ENI Labs, Inc now has real time order tracking. 

We understand the importance of getting mission critical equipment back in to your work flow as quickly as possible. ENI Live let’s you track the progress of your order in our lab and will give you real time information about your components as they progress through our lab. 

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with ENI Labs.

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