Myron L Meters Thanks Donahue & Associates International!

Posted by 12 May, 2011

John and Maureen Donahue incorporated Donahue and Associates International, Inc. (DAII) in 1982 to provide highly efficient steam systems tailored to the demands of the corrugating industry.

The basic elements of the Donahue Steam System revolve around methods to reduce energy waste along the corrugator. All steam vessels receive steam directly from the boiler supply lines, eliminating steam surges that can cause temperature variations. A unique high pressure condensate receiver and custom-engineered steam traps boost efficiency.

DAII’s success was built on the firm belief that knowledge of steam systems alone is not enough. Associates must know every aspect of the corrugator to properly serve their customers.

Donahue and Associates has grown steadily. Today, the company has successful steam system installations worldwide in both integrated and independent plants alike. This growth continues building on a solid foundation and proven performances. Any time you drive by a plant with steam blowing out the roof, DAII can do something about it.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with this fine company.

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