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Posted by 6 Jun, 2012

Improve your profitability with a complete solution.

Culligan Matrix Solutions feature a revolutionary design that is customizable for the needs of your business. The solution is also among one of the fastest to market – from design to installation.

The fast to market system helps you achieve accelerated return on investment (ROI). Beginning with an on-site water analysis, a Culligan Application Engineer identifies your needs and the selection of modules that contribute to your complete solution.

This consultation helps us design a solution, which improves your profitability, reduces waste and helps achieve your ROI goals. Your needs may require a combination of Culligan’s innovative modules:

Pre-Treatment Solutions

Preliminary treatment modules include multi-media filters, softeners, de-alkalizers and chemical treatment, which allows water to perform more efficiently throughout your business. This is the first step to help reduce scale, extend the life of equipment down the line, reduce maintenance costs and promote consistent production.

Membrane Solutions

Membrane solutions can help reduce turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances. This step will help you increase the efficiency of your equipment and processes, resulting in substantial cost savings and reducing the need for chemical regenerants, in most cases.

Deionization Solutions

In this module, charged ion exchange resin reduces mineral ions from water. Deionization solutions include portable exchange deionization and automatic deionization. This module extends the lifespan of equipment, contributing to long-term cost savings.

Storage Solutions

Storing purified water for peak instantaneous demand reduces capital costs and streamlines your production process. Storage tanks are available in a variety of materials and capacities for complete customization.

Distribution Solutions

Your business needs may at times require specific distribution solutions. Furthermore, polishing of water may be necessary based on final water quality requirements. A Culligan engineer will work with you to find the necessary pumps and disinfection technologies to provide you a complete solution.

Reclamation & Reuse Solutions

A complete solution must consider options for reducing water consumption through the reuse and repurposing of wastewater. Total plant water balance audits can help ensure your compliance with regulatory requirements and help you realize an improved ROI.

Contact a Culligan engineer to learn more about our Reclamation & Reuse Solutions…


Work with a Culligan engineer to choose the advanced parts and accessories your business requires. These additional components complete your custom-engineered Culligan Matrix Solutions system, helping you fulfill your water treatment goals.

Myron L Meters is proud to work with Culligan.

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