Myron L Meters Thanks Corn Belt Power Cooperative!

Posted by 30 Jan, 2012

About Us

Corn Belt Power Cooperative headquarters, Humboldt, IowaAbout us
Corn Belt Power Cooperative, headquartered in Humboldt, Iowa, is a generation and transmission (G&T) 
electric cooperative owned by its member systems.

Corn Belt Power provides electricity to 10 member distribution electric cooperatives and one municipal electric 
cooperative (NIMECA) that serve farm members, rural residences, small towns and commercial and industrial members 
in 41 counties in northern Iowa. 

Corn Belt Power has approximately $340 million in total assets and has 95 employees.

Service and Reliability 
Reliable service is a high priority for Corn Belt Power Cooperative. A diligent maintenance program and unparalleled service 
have consistently produced reliability figures of 99.99%.

There’s more to an electric cooperative than providing affordable power. Corn Belt Power Cooperative works to improve 
the quality of life for its members and their communities. Corn Belt Power actively promotes economic development efforts,
environmental programs and energy-efficiency initiatives.

In addition to its headquarters facility, Corn Belt Power has employees at the:
Hampton Service Center:
Corn Belt Power Cooperative Hampton Service Center, Hampton, Iowa

Emmetsburg Service Center:
Corn Belt Power Cooperative Emmetsburg Service Center, Emmetsburg, Iowa

Wisdom Station:
Corn Belt Power Cooperative Wisdom Generating Station, Spencer, Iowa

Corn Belt Power Cooperative 
1300 13th Street North
PO Box 508
Humboldt IA 50548
PH 515-332-2571
FAX 515-332-1375 

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Corn Belt Power Coop.

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