Myron L Meters Thanks Colonial Scientific!

Posted by 26 Mar, 2012

Colonial Scientific is a lab supply distributor that specializes in servicing particular specialized markets. Our catalogs and literature are designed for individual industries. They feature products that are widely used and comply with government regulations. Our sales force and customer service team are well trained in the features of our products and how they apply to your particular industry. 

Colonial Scientific is the latest purchaser of a Myron L Ultrameter II  4P. The Ultrameter II is a prime example of how high-tech engineering can greatly simplify and streamline a task. Whether in the lab, industrial plant, or in a remote field location, merely:

  1. Fill the cell cup

  2. Push a parameter key

  3. Take the reading 

Temperature compensation and range selection are both rapid and automatic. The Ultrameter II is a true one-hand operation instrument.

Easy to Calibrate

All calibrations are quickly accomplished by pressing the UP or DOWN keys to agree with our NIST traceable Standard Solution. When calibration is necessary, display prompts simplify pH calibration and make sure the correct buffer is being used. Plus, all parameters (excluding factory-set temperature) have an internal electronic setting that can be used for field calibration.

High Performance at a Low Cost

Beyond their affordable purchase price, Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Easy, Ultra- Powerful Ultrameter II’s save both time and money. Measure for measure, Ultrameter II’s give you a better return on your investment than any other handheld instrument. To see for yourself, contact your distributor or the Myron L Company today.

Multiple Applications

Irrigation Water



Homeland Security

Reverse Osmosis



Cooling Towers



Fountain Solutions

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Colonial Scientific.

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