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Posted by 22 Dec, 2011

Chemenergy water treatment was founded in 1975, and has been in the industrial water treatment field for over 35 years. We are working to constantly improve our water treatment products and industrial water treatment systems to remain innovative and to keep our customers saving money, time and resources. We have always been a family owned business and take pride in what we do for the industrial water treatment industry. Times have changed, and things have been pushed aside for new concepts to emerge and better the marketplace for the consumer. We are currently emerged in a time period where solids and liquids, also known as wet chemistry, are constantly being compared to one another, and the consumer is then forced to pick sides between them. We would hope to alleviate any of this pressure because ultimately we are here to help, and focus mainly on making sure the customer is benefiting overall. I hope visitors and those not yet educated on what solids can do for your company, time , business, etc. will allow me to provide them with as much information i can on the topic. Once again i want to establish that there is no pressure what so ever! We are not simply putting you down for using liquids or wet chemistry or lashing out at these companies, we are here just to educate you on the things we think you would very well be interested in. We are strong believers in our product.

Who provides industrial water treatment chemicals?

A lot of companies and organizations do a great job at providing water treatment chemicals. There is certainly no scarcity to the amount of companies willing to provide this service for you. Its just up to you to decipher through your list and come up with a company that you think will benefit you more so than the others, depending on the needs of your facility and business. Chemenergy currently offers its industrial and commercial water treatment chemicals through what is know as private labeling, and also offers retail work as well. This means you can distribute our chemicals or, if you own a business and building, have us set up our industrial water treatment systems to clean your boiler or other equipment you have.

Who provides industrial and commercial water treatment systems?

Once again, there are a lot of companies you can research to see who will help you benefit the most. A huge number will be strictly dedicated to wet chemistry, and using liquid systems. There are not a lot of companies specializing in solid systems and chemicals but more and more consumers are making the switch from liquids to solids. They must see something that others don’t. Why else would they even think about switching? Chemenergy offers the RV1, an industrial and commercial water treatment system that is patented and one of the most unique on the market to this date. Check out the RV1 page to gain more insight into how this innovative piece of technology is helping thousands save on space, money, time…..etc….

Why do I need to treat my equipment in the first place?

Whether faced with the decision of treating a boiler, cooling tower, or other industrial or commercial equipment, treatment should remain one of your top priorities for numerous reasons. Not treating equipment efficiently and effectively will lead to problems including scale build up, corrosion, and can cause caustic cracking and piping malfunctions. These are not limited to one specific set of equipment. Problems range from the type of equipment being used, but overall, without treatment, the results can be costly and devastating. Untreated equipment will have such a short life span, and will most likely give out within a short period of time resulting in little to no usage. Costing your company a fortune to replace and re install. Treating however will prevent this outcome, and offer you a piece of mind to go along with your clean and efficient equipment that will last for years.

Why would I ever change my current system of liquids and put all that stress on myself????

Your thinking about switching, but theres some obstacles in your way. What about all the work i have to do? What if i switch but want to go back but cant because i scared my old relationship? What if the solids don’t even work as well as liquids? Is it more expensive? Pretty soon you realize it might be better to use logic and sit back and continue how things are in order to prevent yourself from even thinking about solids for your company. You might assume losing money is ok to do as long as things stay the same. Just about every question you might be asking yourself has a definite answer to it as well. Switching is very tough for many reasons, and may not seem worth it, but putting just a phone call in to Chemenergy could increase the money you save by 20%!! This is the bare minimum considering what can be done with your plants space, and the way you can now manage your time throughout your work schedule. You can even cut back on workforces, and heavy, costly, equipment used to store and move these chemicals around. You will open up more time, thus allowing your workers and yourself to focus on whats more important….growing your company. The questions you may be asking your self are justified by whats truly at stake here…..your image with your company, your image to your boss, and your dignity. You don’t want to make a switch and embarrass yourself because we didn’t perform right, and we certainly don’t want to put you even close to that position. We offer some incentives to help this switch because we understand its very frustrating when viewing for the first time. Our system and product is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, and a spotless water guarantee as well. This means if your not satisfied with what you expected from us or the chemicals don’t clean the water as spotless as you would like it to be…..your refunded your full amount. The work you have to put in to make this happen is virtually nothing! We do all the work for you, the only thing you will have to do is install the RV1 board…thats it! The shipping is simple, the chemicals work fantastic, and you improve and save tons of money. Most importantly, you are utilizing treatment the right way, which is safe, easy, and reliable, all while running efficient equipment that will last. Not only will your boss be happy, but you will be moving in the right direction as well.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Chemenergy.

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