Myron L Meters Thanks Champion Technologies!

Posted by 16 Aug, 2012
About Champion Technologies


Predict. Prevent. Produce.

Champion Technologies is a global specialty chemical company with 3,100+ employees in more than 30 countries delivering innovative and engineered programs for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets. Our integrated offering combines sustainable chemistry, technology, and service to enhance your world.

Markets Served:

Arctic | Conventional | Deepwater | Enhanced Oil Recovery | Heavy Oil |Industrial | Midstream | Offshore | Oil Sands | Refinery | Shale

Originally started in West Texas, USA over 59 years ago, Champion Technologies, a Permian Mud Service company, has become one of the largest global oilfield production chemical companies. We’re expanding our global technology, supply chain, and service footprint and reach every day.  From Texas to Singapore to Scotland to Brazil to Australia to Canada, we are located where you need us most in the centers and frontiers of the oil & gas industry across the globe.

Why Choose Champion Technologies?

Since our humble West Texas beginnings, to our status today as one of the largest providers in our industry, customer service and product performance has always been at the core of every decision we make. From ensuring our field personnel are available to partner with you onsite and answer questions 365/24/7, to investment in state-of-the-art field and laboratory based research, development and diagnostic equipment, to advanced training programs that make sure our people know your problems and how to solve them, to stringent quality and sustainability standards, to a robust support infrastructure and supply chain – it all helps guarantee we produce when you need it most.

Myron L Meters is proud to do business with Champion Technologies.

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